Which Hosting for React?

Hi there!
Siteground hosts my current website. It’s a WordPress website and several HTML landing pages.

I have asked Sitegorund if they support Node.js and the answer is YES, but Cloud Only costs almost 100 euros.

I am now looking for another Hosting service that can host WordPress and React. I have been reading about Hostinger as a cheap and reliable solution. can I trust?

What service do you suggest?


Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do…

React normally don’t need a host that supports Node. You build the app in Node, but you build your app into HTML, CSS, and JS files that any browser can read. Any host that can serve standard web sites should work. There is nothing special about a built React site.

The exception might be if you have some package that is doing SSR.

Is there any Hosting you suggest?

Not specifically. I use bluehost, but mostly because that is what I started with, a long time ago. I would google hosting and see what is out there. You could also just drop your build files in an AWS S3 bucket and point your site to that - I’m sure there is a way to do that.

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