White space between containers

Hello guys.

I would like to know how can i get rid of the white space that is between two containers?
i have tried
anything{ width:100% ; display:block}; }
but it doesn’t work.
thank you.

can you share your pen?

Sure, here it is:

so the problem is this:

Because h2 is occuring between the welcome and the next div, it is supposed to be naturally located in that white bar area but you moved it … so now there is just nothing.

Only solution is to move everything up by 80px to make up for that… At least, that’s what I guess based on some testing.

or maybe move the h2 into the section …

<h2>My projects</h2>  
<section id="projects" class="">

so it belongs to the project section instead of above it…

thank you. I will try there.


yes it really was out of the place. i just changed the color and i figured out how it was. cheers.

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