Whitespace on the main page when scrolling?

So on the main-page I have created when scrolling right and left it appears whitespace on the right margin(when scrolling left with the mouse). The Header is set to fixed and what moves are the main image and the footer, which are both set to relative. And it appears whitespace on the right(when scrolling sideways) How can I remove that?

Uploading: dfdf.png…

How do I remove that so it does not appear when scrolling left and right?

The Header and header nav is fixed but the main image below and footer are relative. I want this to stay the same. But to remove that white space/margin on the right side when scrolling.

I can’t see your code but try setting the width to 100%, it will be better if you post the code or a link to it.

I want to be able to scroll the background-image and the footer. Hence I have used position:absolute on those. And fixed on the header. But I don’t want them to scroll sideways. Only vertically.

Please :slight_smile: someone tell me

Thank god I got rid of it using:

    overflow-x: hidden;

But I never had to do that before. Any idea why I had to do this now but not in earlier projects?

no, without your code it is impossible to say

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