Who wants to join me for 30 Days of JS?

I just ran into Wes Bos’s “30 Days of Vanilla JS Challenge” (previously announced around here), and thought I’d like to do it. Would anybody like to join me, and use this thread to check in daily and post thoughts? I’m kind of past the level of its content, but it looks like it would make a good “stay sharp” exercise regimen, and it could be really helpful for anybody actually hitting the have-gotten-the-gist-of-JS, getting-into-APIs level.


This sound super awesome. Don’t think work schedule and challenge per day mix well. I can probably do 1 challenge a week. Lol

that sounds nice… maybe i will be ready in quick times enough to join you.

I think this is what I need. A clear goal to do everyday. I finished with the fron-end challenges and I am really lost right now, but with some kind of goal like this I think I will work everyday.

Im down with first 2 part of this very same course… I hope i can keep up :slight_smile:

Really awesome… thanks to share with us!

Okay, I’m just a few minutes into the first project, and already my eyes are opened to something new HTML “data attributes” (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Howto/Use_data_attributes). A way essentially build an invisible object for the JS to access out of stuff that’s in the HTML. In this case he’s using it to create a relationship between two otherwise unrelated HTML elements.


I signed up! I don’t think I can commit to it every day, though.

Ug, day 3 here and I still haven’t done more than get a few minutes into the “Day 1” project. This is my coding life. Just thought I’d check in and say so for purposes of accountability and connectedness. I’ll plan to work on it some this afternoon, though frankly I also am not going to let this squeeze out my new learning, i.e. React. When there are <3 hrs per day you got to divide them wisely.

Day 1 project took me 3 days of fiddling. Day 2 project was only about 30 minutes. Stick with it. it’s good stuff. Just enough to get you going on new skills and you’ll get lots of ideas for your other projects.

I’m in! I’ve signed up and have started on day 1.

I’ve signed up too! Time to go look at it.

I’m in. Need to keep sharp.

Why is it called JavaScript30? Just kidding. I’m in!

Looks like fun! I’m in!

I am in and have signed up and am about to embark on the Day 1 challenge. The more I code in JavaScript the more I fall in love. with it.

Im joining too. :slight_smile: Looks like its going to be tons of fun.

I signed up last month & I’ve just been able to do about 3 or so. Finding the time has been difficult

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Thank you for the link. I think this is perfect for where I’m at.

I haven’t started with this yet, are these challenges on 30 days JS harder or easier than Free Code Camp?