Whom i can address if i feel that the freecodecamp.org website is not working

So the thing is that im located in russia and right now the website seems to be lagging a lot like a some sort of problem with the servers

Having similar issue right now, it’s loading ridiculously slow

hopefully is just a thing of a little time

Same here (western Europe).

It’s taking 2-3 minutes to load any page from the curriculum.

is there any email of something like that
to inform about the problem

Not that I’m aware of - maybe post to the freeCodeCamp Support sub-forum?

The site seems to be working normally again here.

well here is quite weird still

are you having the problem still over there

Yep. I am also in Russia by the way. But it’s a little better right now. Also any other sites from my bookmarks seems to be OK

Looks like it’s gone back to a slow response here again.

(I’m at lunch though so I haven’t been using the FCC site.)

Yeah, I’m in Spain, the curriculum is very slow to load. There is probably an issue with the service provider. I assume the relevant people are getting alerts.

seems to be working already

Confirm. I kinda forgot about this issue even existed. Should have notify you earlier)

no need to worries man

If that isn’t a connection issue, it could be an SSL error maybe.

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