Why aren't my links working?

I went over everything for the product landing page I’m trying to create, but I still cant figure out why the links aren’t working smoothly. Here’s my codepen to look at my work.

Do you mean from the navbar links? A search for “html smooth scroll to anchor” yielded this as the top result, suggesting this:

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

which worked great.

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If you’re talking about the classes link in your navbar…
You’ve no element with id classes on your page…

Plz explain why were the names of the desserts (with the price; at the end of the page) were overlapping each other. How to fix it.
It is showing as such in my PC.
I originally came to give answer but found this problem.

It’s because, the above page has following css:

line-height: 50%;

increase this line height on product-title to make the text look better