Why can't I run "Hello World" react app similar to simplest html, css and js project?

Dear All,

After learning HTML, CSS and JS; I’ve started learning React and I’ve got this very basic query for which I couldn’t answer

  1. I could just 3 files in VSCode namely index.html, style.css and index.js, later load index.html in browser to see the results

  2. Why can’t I do same thing with React Code ?
    For writing simplest hello world program; I had to run npx create-react-app helloworld & do changes.
    Later run command npm start

  3. If I do any code change, I need to stop and again run npm start


  1. Why do I need to run npx create-react-app helloworld

  2. How to see new changes without stopping and re-running npm start ?


You don’t have to do this.

The ReactJS Docs will guide you:

Here you can read about the advantages of this:

Normally, you don’t have to re-run npm start.

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Thanks for info, let me re-try steps you have mentioned