Why can't my code pass the test?

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This part doesn passed " quickSort should return an array that is unchanged except for order." when i tested the code on the chrome console. it works exactly as expect, I am comfusing.

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function quickSort(array) {
  if(array.length<2) return array;
  const basic = array[0],left=[],right=[];
  for(let i=1;i<array.length;i++){
      const iv = array[i];
      iv > basic && right.push(iv);
      iv < basic && left.push(iv);

  return quickSort(left).concat(basic,quickSort(right));

// test array:
// [1, 4, 2, 8, 345, 123, 43, 32, 5643, 63, 123, 43, 2, 55, 1, 234, 92]

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Challenge: Implement Quick Sort

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hey @mitaosi

so this is the test that does not pass - quickSort should return an array that is unchanged except for order. so it looks like passing left=[],right=[] back into your function are causing it to fail as you should be returning the original array.

and when iv == basic?
it may happen that you are losing elements

Hey @mitaosi,

Your solution is giving only 13 items in the result, when the test array has 17 numbers. As ieahleen mentioned, the solution is removing numbers that are equal to basic.
Also, it is removing all duplicate numbers.