Why do i have to use VPN to open freecodecamp.org?

i dont know why from last 2-3 days i have to use vpn to open freecodecamp.org?

Your ISP is blocking learn.freecodecamp.org (or, more likely, the service it’s hosted on). This is at the discretion of your ISP and FCC has no control over it.

Your IP without VPN might not be allowed on FreeCodeCamp or maybe FreeCodeCamp is blocking your IP. thats why it is working with VPN.


to hide from ISP you need vpn but not everytime

Huh, strange. I’m not sure about FreeCodeCamps DDoS protection/rate limiting but it’s possible that someone else near you has done a lot of attacks/DDoS on FreeCodeCamp and their IP was blocked. Then, because IP addresses are dynamic, you got the “bad” IP when your IP address changed. Try unplugging and plugging your modem back in to get a new IP address.

EDIT: Do other sites work or are you on something like University/Dorm WiFi? Some of those filters are whitelist-only and FreeCodeCamp might not get through.

Hi. Then you definitely need one. Also, I agree with Saud, maybe the problem is with your IP address? I had similar problem but with my Netflix account. I needed to download VPN for watching it, because without unblocking netflix with vpn app I couldn’t login. Also, if you need some VPN advice just write me PM.

the same thing was happening with me too. i was not able to open the same with my wifi. thank you all for your solutions , they worked for me.
best regrads!!

It is better to turn to support, you could accidentally get into the IP ban or for something. So far I know the support here is adequate and will respond. I like it was blocked on the laptop account is not clear for what, I wrote in support, I was unblocked.

Some people have to use VPNs because they live in an area where some of the Internet is blocked by ISPs, government, or local network control. It is always good to talk to the folks here to determine what is going on but sometimes the only advice we can give is to use a VPN or proxy service.

I then have a question, if you create a subdomain of the site, will it also be blocked or not?

My understanding is that the domain itself isn’t blocked, but the servers that FCC is hosted on.

Then yes, only VPN) or app

Your ip without VPN might not be allowed

I’m going to close this thread because it is old and contains keywords that spambots search for. If anyone runs into new issues related to accessing freeCodeCamp, please feel free to open a new topic.