Why does my video not show?

Link to code:

Help would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

<video controls>
  <source src="https://assets.mixkit.co/videos/preview/mixkit-fresh-vegetables-on-a-wooden-board-close-up-view-10420-large.mp4" type="video /ogg">
  <source src="https://assets.mixkit.co/videos/preview/mixkit-fresh-vegetables-on-a-wooden-board-close-up-view-10420-large.mp4" type="video /mpeg">

your first mistake is you are confusing browser because the video format is in mp4 and you have specified ogg and mpeg

your second mistake is both video are same, so you don’t need to give two video source, because source is used when you want to provide two different format video
example : you have same video in mp4 and ogg

your third mistake is : while specifying type of video there should not be space
correct syntax is


so conclusion is give only one source when you have only one format, in case of your’s you have mp4 . if you have multiple then you can specify another .

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