Why does the solution throw a TypeError?

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This passes but why does it throw a TypeError?
[TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘PI’ of object ‘#’]

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function freezeObj() {
'use strict';
  PI: 3.14
// change code below this line

// change code above this line
try {
} catch(ex) {
const PI = freezeObj();

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Challenge: Prevent Object Mutation

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Hello, Darrell.

Using the const keyword in JavaScript makes a variable immutable. This means you are not allowed to change an objects identity, once it has been assigned. However, strictly a property inside of an object may be altered, unless you specifically declare otherwise. This is what the lesson is getting you to do. You assigned MATH_CONSTANTS.PI = 3.14, then, in your try block, you try to reassign its value to 99. This is not allowed.

You declared MATH_CONSTANTS of type const (technically const is not a type), but you are performing an operation on it that is not allowed with that type. Ergo, TYPE_ERROR.

Read the docs here: const

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Oh, Thanks! That makes complete sense. I thought my solution to the problem was wrong but that’s the point of this exercise that PI is now immutable.