Why does /w work and /w+ not work?

Why does 1 work and 2 doesn’t?

  1. let alphabetRegexV2 = /\w/g;
  2. let alphabetRegexV2 = /\w+/g;

let quoteSample = "The five boxing wizards jump quickly.";
let alphabetRegexV2 = /change/; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(alphabetRegexV2).length;

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Challenge: Match All Letters and Numbers

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you can use console.log(result) and see what the two searches output. The difference in the elements count is quite high. You can remove the lenght property from the result variable and actually display the results array. /\w/g would display the letters, while /\w+/g would give us the words. The later regex is greedy, it matches any number of subsequent letters.

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