Why doesn't FCC save my work?

So, I’m working through the algorithms, and I’ve put some time into one problem, but not completed it. Close the tab to do other things, and come back later, only to find all my work gone and replaced with the initial setup code.

Not only that, but if I look back on my previous work (that I have passed), all that work’s gone too. What the heck’s going on? This is more than a little annoying, and it seems the only way to save my code for future reference is to save it out onto my hard disk, which seems a bit daft.

Anyone else have this issue or am I just lucky?

If you close the browser before submitting your working code, isn’t it the way it does it?

No: even if I submit my code (and it passes the requirements), then it is still deleted and reset to the initial state.

that’s strange indeed, would you make a video of it and post it somewhere?

I could, but all it would show is me going through all my previously completed exercises and showing them reset to the initial condition. (I should say I haven’t checked all 300-odd exercises for obvious reasons, but those that I have checked are all reset).

This is almost enough to make me leave the site it’s so game-breaking, which would be a shame as I feel I am learning quite a lot. But if it doesn’t save my work…

Just so to know, on the Map, do you see the previous excercises as completed?

Yes. There’s a checkmark by the side, and they’re ‘greyed out’ (technically lighter green, but you know what I mean).

Well, if you didn’t lose your progress that’s already good news. As per your other problem, we should probably send a request to @QuincyLarson about this!

Well, I haven’t lost my progress, but I have lost my work if I need to go back to check how I did it, or whatever. So, yes it could be worse! May have to file a bug report about this, unless anyone’s got any bright ideas about what I’m doing wrong (most likely I’m being an idiot somehow).

All your progress (finished) should be on your profile.

If you visit a challenge, it will automatically load previous work from your browser cache (or at least it should do so). Any chance you cleared your browser cache, or are you using incognito mode?

Thanks Ben.

That answers it: all my completed exercises are there, but the one bit where it appears to fall down is if I start an exercise, but don’t complete it. Since I haven’t completed it, my work isn’t stored in my profile. Maybe I should just be cleverer so I don’t have to spend so much time on each exercise!

It obviously saves only completed ones.

If you’re working on something and you think you’re not going to complete it, simply store your text somewhere.


even windows sticky will help if you insist :slight_smile:
so then you don’t to have to start over completely.