Why doesn't my formula work?

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I’m using str.slice(-1) === target
Why doesn’t this work? It equates the final element of the str string with target as either true or false. This is what the challenge requests, right?

What am I missing here?


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function confirmEnding(str, target) {

return str.slice(-1) === target ? true : false;

confirmEnding("Bastian", "n");

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Challenge: Confirm the Ending

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Lol… would be nice if it were that simple.
Unfortunately it doesn’t specify that target need only be one character long.


your function only checks the last char of the string and compare it to the target. You want to check the length of the target and use it as a slice argument. BTW when a boolean must return if its true or false, you can return the boolean directly; no need to tell if its true, return true, if its false, return false.

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Hello, you should think about the “target” string.

Target string not always “n”.

Target, sometimes “same”, “action” or something different string value.

So you can’t compare with str.slice(-1) right ? for example

let str = “Bastian” and let target = “tian”

str.slice(-1) returns you to “n”, and you can’t compare with “tian”

My advice is to find a way to split the words, break them apart, put them back together and compare them. I don’t wanna give you to direct solution :3

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