Why doesn't my portfolio work on mobiles? HELP PLEASE

Hi guys, can you take a look and tell me why my portfolio isn’t working properly on mobile devices?

Many thanks

What is not working properly?

Just a heads up, if you mean the responsive layout, you need to use CSS media query (@media) to set your CSS to each range of screen size you want to target.

For responsive layouts, the best approach, in my opinion is to start the layout from the Mobile perspective, then scale up to the next screen size.

you can take a more close look on media query here:

Also, there is CSS Grid, which is amazing to responsive layout, you should consider that too.

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That’s because you ovewrite Bootstrap styles in your CSS. If you set your h1 to have a height of 100px, bootstrap is not going to change that.

You will need to make it responsive yourself. Check this post about media queries.