Why even i set 100% height, i got some plus on height down of the page?

pen: [ http://codepen.io/publicprofile/pen/YWRpLA ]

try to scroll down, u see gap
i tried that on google chrome, and firefox

ok my first thought was looking at the body tag … and you have height:100% and this is fine … but it is also what is causing the problem from what i see when im in dev tools eg go to dev tools click on body and on body element untick check box for body height 100% and that gap disappears. my suggestion is while building the web page use body height 100% and when page created remove it … as it dosent seem to affect anything when you remove it only gets rid of the gap … as for why it causes a gap that i dont know.

My logic is set min-height of html to 640px, and also height100%, so browser would decide does it take 640 or 100%

So next in body i just inherit it with 100% om height

Try with height:100vh;

Try this::

#feed {
  margin-bottom: 0;

Btw, you have lonely <h3> tags on lines 186, 206, 226

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Doesnt work 100 vh…