Why free code camp removed angular 1 from curriculum?

why FCC removed angular 1 from curriculum? And added react in place of angular. Although react is lot more confusing for me personally, And a lot of things should be configured manually for react which may leads to in efficient code. Will Fcc add Angular 2 to curriculum in future? Off course Angular 2 is in typescript but Its a nice frame work .isn’t it?

It’s not that Angular is a bad framework. On the contrary, in the real world there are just as many open positions for Angular developers as React developers. That being said, I believe (although not confirmed) Free Code Camp decided to switch to teaching React for a number of reasons.

  1. React has a smoother learning curve than Angular
    Now this is kind of a matter of opinion, but buy and large most developers agree that React is easier to understand than Angular. For one thing, React is part of an ecosystem. You can learn React on its own and be fine, and add additional technologies like Webpack, Babel, Redux, etc. later. On the contrary, Angular is the complete package. You need to understand the concept of MVC going in, and you need to learn all the different components to get anywhere.

  2. Angular 1 vs Angular 2
    This is the main reason I feel that Free Code Camp teaches React. At the time when it switched, Angular 2 was just released and there is STILL a bit of debate as to whether one is better than the other. To save new developers the confusion of learning Angular 1 or 2, they just chose React to stay on the safe side

  3. React is the future
    This is pretty much a given. Even if React itself isn’t the future of web development, the underlying concepts that it’s trying to use are. Angular relies on a system of MVC and content injection. This still works just like it used to, but there are now just simpler and more efficient ways of doing things; component based architecture, unidirectional data flow, and an immutable single source of model truth to name a few. These concepts are embraced by React, Redux, the Elm language, and even Angular 2 to an extent with it’s directives.


Thank you for the explaiation @megaboy101