Why I didn't earn a certification?

I completed the responsive web design course but I don’t see any certificate to avail? Did I do something wrong?

Can you show the screenshot?

have you gone to the settings to claim it?

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Yes I did it in the first place.

can you shwo a screenshot of that?

you also need to have your profile set to public

Okay guys, I got my certificate :slight_smile: but I can’t download it.

you can use your browser features to print or screenshot

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Yes, Thank you. I checked on my settings. How to download it? Like I don’t use LinkedIn or twitter.

you need to use the browser print feature or screenshot it

freeCodeCamp doesn’t offer a download option

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Can we attach it to our Fiverr profile?

you can do what you want with it :woman_shrugging:

I really suggest to show a profile with some projects instead of a certificate that could mean anything, And to progress some more, as one single certificate will not give you enough knowledge to be a web dev

Thanks a bunch :heart:

Yes I did, and have received it.