Why is CSS Grid displaying columns differently in Firefox vs Chrome

I’m trying to recreate the Codepen site in CSS Grid.

I’ve applied display: grid to a section without specifying any columns (so my understanding is that this should then result in it defaulting to 1 column). This is how it behaves in Firefox, but in Chrome, this section .preview in my code does not span the full width. If I specify width: 100% on the iframe it spans but it doesn’t otherwise.

Why does it behave differently in Firefox vs Chrome? Am I doing something wrong? I’m surprised there is still such a drastic difference in how it’s displaying. In Chrome it only spans maybe 20% of the width of the screen whereas in Firefox it spans the full width. I understand the 2 browsers might behave differently but grid defaulting to one column if grid-template-columns is not specified seems like one of the most basic concepts of Grid. Here’s the relevant code:

<section class="preview">  
 <iframe src="https://css-tricks.com" frameborder="0"></iframe>  

.preview {  
 display: grid;  



Becuase Chrome and FireFox are from 2 different company’s
and might act differently to the same thing ure trying to implement
thats why sites as https://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
tell u when something will behave differently as some features are not supported