Why is my code slow? Smallest Common Multiple challenge

The code below seems to work correct, but I can barely finish for [1,2] and [1,3]. I havent tried it for big arrays. Could you please comment, what is wrong with this code?

Fir I am creating reverse array of numbers between max and min.

Then I use arrar.reduce to calculate LCMs.

 function smallestCommons(arr) {
      var marr=[];
      var mi=Math.min.apply(null,arr);
      var ma=Math.max.apply(null,arr);
  for (var a=ma; a>=mi; a--){marr.push(a);}
  return marr.reduce(function lcm(a, b) {
   var aa=arguments[0];
   var bb=arguments[1];
     if (aa%b===0){return aa;}
     if (bb%a===0){return bb;}

smallestCommons([1, 2]);

unfortunately your code dosent work … eg numbers 8,5 your marr would be [8,7,6,5]
you then check 8%7 and if not 0 go 8*2 =16 check 16%7 etc till gets to 56 then its 0
while also checking 7
when 56 it then changes to numbers and uses 56 and 6 so you get 12%56 24%56 etc and never finds one that gives 0 and you have 112%6 224%6 etc and never finds one that gives 0 … you are now stuck in a infinite loop

you need to change from the reduce function down and work out first how to get the scm and then code it … i would suggest googling how to get smallest common multiple … understand how its obtained and then you will find it easier to code a sloution.
if you are wondering how i can see what is happening in your code … i created a var count =0 at the beginning of your code … then i changed your while to while(count <100){ … added count ++; after your last bb=bb*2; … and then put console.logs in your if statements to console.log(aa +’ '+ b) and the same for bb a …
doing this i could see what is going on for the first 100 loops and what the values are changing too and where is the problem

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Thank you for reviewing the code also for valuable hint how to debug the while loop.