Why is VS Code doing this when I save?

I have these extensions enabled, they just started doing this randomly. Very frustrating.

This is what its doing, picture one is what I want it to save like, picture two is how it’s saving:

Note that it’s not doing it for these lines… Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What extensions to you have installed? It looks like a “prettier” package or something like that.

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Yeah it was prettier, shown in first pic there albeit a bit small sorry.

I’ve disabled it now, that definitely doesnt make it prettier in my eyes…

You can probably configure. The nice thing about things like prettier and linters is that they teach you to be very uniform in your code which makes it easier to read. Sometimes we have very strong opinions about what is “prettier” but in the long run, if you want to work with other people, it’s better to get used to more standard practices.

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You just aren’t use to it yet :slight_smile:

What if you had a lot more attributes? You’d have to do that eventually.

And the reason the ones below aren’t formatted that way is because they aren’t long enough to break the --print-width threshold.


Fair enough! I was thinking that having it that way took it away from the norm purely as I’ve never encountered it before. I’ll renenable it :slight_smile: thanks