Why isn't my footer showing up on the page?

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I have a footer that contains text and a form but it doesn’t show up in my document.

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What are you calling the footer? I can’t find it.

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You have a div tag at the end which I can’t seem to trace back to the opening element. Also, you are opening a section and then you have the footer tag. Not sure if this is the reason, but shouldn’t this be the other way around? Open the footer and then start the section?

        <footer id="footer">
          <form id="form" action="https://www.freecodecamp.org/email-submit">
            <input name="email"
                   placeholder="Enter your email"
            <input id="submit"
                   value="Receive discount alerts"

Line 156-174

That footer wasn’t there when I looked, but OK.


  position: sticky;

There are other ways to accomplish this, you can read about some here.

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I realized I couldn’t see it because I forgot a colon in my CSS :joy:

position:sticky works great but I believe it only works if I put -webkit- before it.