Why isn't this color game working?

It was working perfectly until I changed a couple things in CSS now the whole thing broke and won’t say that I’ve won. Please someone tell me what’s going on.

Tell us what is broke, so we don’t have to guess. Explain what you think should happen vs. what is actually happening when you execute your code.

Sorry, buddy. I know you’re always the one to first help. It was working perfectly fine until I did something (and I cannot recall what.) When the user picks the correct color, I want the entire game to reset. It might be something wrong with the “for” loop on line 58, where the messageDisplay on line 68 doesn’t run. It was working fine before I started styling it. :confused:

This will help you get started.

Put console.log(clickedColor, pickedColor) on the line before the if statement comparing the two variables. See why they will never be equal?

Hint: JavaScript is case-sensitive.

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Oh my god I feel like an idiot. I changed “rgb” at the bottom to “RGB” just to style it and it messed all my code up. Thank you so much.

Can you tell me why the button: hover in CSS isn’t working?

EDIT: NVM, I figured it all out.