Why isn't this img working?

Hi all,
I’m trying to insert img but everything I’ve tried isn’t working.
Img file is in same folder as html…



    <title>My First Website</title>

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="Stylesheet.css" />





    <div class="navigation">








  <!---  <div class="hpmainbanner"> -->

        <img src="female_workspace.jpg" alt=female_workspace_banner />







Try using a relative link, like src=./filename.jpg.
The ./ tells the code to look in the current directory. Right now it is looking in the root drive directory.

Hi @LeahCohen,

I’ve seen this part of the code, the one you try to add image to:

<!---  <div class="hpmainbanner"> -->

        <img src="female_workspace.jpg" alt=female_workspace_banner />


It doesn’t have the opening <div> tag. I mean you close the div after image, but there is no opening tag (you’ve commented it).

Did it change anything?

No… :slight_smile:
But thank you so much, it was a problem that the img wasn’t in the correct folder i thought it was… thank god for zoom and screen sharing, because I’ve been on this issue for the better part of an hour!!

you’re right.
it’s exactly what i did!
thank you so much!

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