Why isnt this workin?

Why isn’t this working???

// Only change code below this line
var a = 5;
var b = 10;
var c = " I am a";
// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;
b = b + 5;
c = c + " String!";

Are you able to tell us what happens?
This should end up saying a = 6, b = 15 and c = " I am a String!".
Perhaps it’s the one space that you have at the start of your string " I am a"?
It would also help a lot if you were able to send a link to the challenge this is from :slight_smile:

Hi @aditya.progamer2008

you have a space in your string:

var c = " I am a";

should be:

var c = "I am a";

Just like @AndreasGuldborg mentioned will be great to provide the full link of the challenge like so.

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