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// Setup
const contacts = [
  firstName: "Akira",
  lastName: "Laine",
  number: "0543236543",
  likes: ["Pizza", "Coding", "Brownie Points"],
  firstName: "Harry",
  lastName: "Potter",
  number: "0994372684",
  likes: ["Hogwarts", "Magic", "Hagrid"],
  firstName: "Sherlock",
  lastName: "Holmes",
  number: "0487345643",
  likes: ["Intriguing Cases", "Violin"],
  firstName: "Kristian",
  lastName: "Vos",
  number: "unknown",
  likes: ["JavaScript", "Gaming", "Foxes"],

function lookUpProfile(name, prop) {
// Only change code below this line
for (var i=0; i<contacts.length; i++){

if ( contacts[i].firstName === name 
&& contacts[i].lastName === prop
|| contacts[i].number === prop
|| contacts[i].likes === prop){
  return contacts[i][prop] || "No such property";
return "No such contacts";
// Only change code above this line
function lookUpProfile(name, prop){
for (var i = 0; i < contacts.length; i++) {
  if(contacts[i].firstName === name) {
    return contacts[i][prop] || "No such property";
return "No such contact";
} */
lookUpProfile("Akira", "likes");
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Challenge: Profile Lookup

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Okay Let Me Analyse your code

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contacts[i].lastName === prop

You are comparing the key to the value.

prop is the key
contacts[i].lastName, or contacts[i][prop] is the ‘value’.

const user = {
  firstName: 'Akira',
  lastName: 'Laine',
  number: '0543236543',
  likes: ['Pizza', 'Coding', 'Brownie Points'],

const prop = 'firstName';

console.log(user.firstName); // Akira
console.log(user[prop]); // Akira

console.log(prop); // 'firstName'
console.log(user.firstName === prop); // false

i think u have error in if else statement. the task is :
The function should check if name is an actual contact’s firstName and the given property ( prop ) is a property of that contact.

If both are true, then return the “value” of that property.

If name does not correspond to any contacts then return the string No such contact .

If prop does not correspond to any valid properties of a contact found to match name then return the string No such property .

there has “given property (prop) is a property of that contact” text. so the if else statement need to check are the contacts have same property in given props? how do u check it? use hasOwnProperty(). if u using contacts[i].likes === prop it just checking are in contacts[i].likes has “likes” value?

and just my suggest. use else to return “No such property” instead || operator in return. maybe

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