Why my code doesn't work?

Hello! Help!
I don’t understand why my code doesn’t work and background color isn’t black…

body { background-color: #000000; }

Is your code between tags like below:

body {background-color: #000000;}

or in a separate css file? You have not given enough information to give you the best answer. Are you working on one of the challenges? If so, what is it called or copy/paste a link to the challenge here.

“Use Hex Code for Specific Colors” is my challenge I’m working at

Thanks a lot for your answers!

It would be better for everyone to understand the problem if you included a codepen link.

Make sure you have something in your body or set the height and width using css, otherwise it won’t show up.

And if this doesn’t help. PLEASE include a codepen link. So we can discuss further. :smiley:

Is the problem fixed?