Why or how Ruby?

Wondering why other people have chosen Ruby or Rails.

I first found Ruby many years ago. I somehow came by a youtube video of DHH making a blog in 15 minutes which at the time was mind blowing.

I then started looking into it and found why’s poignant guide to Ruby and fell for the language reading that book.

I had been messing around a with a little Python but dropped it and picked up Ruby.

I love all the little things offered in the standard library.


I’m planning on doing my final fCC projects using RoR because I’m getting bored of JavaScript and Node. I’ve loved Ruby for a while now, but never really got into Rails much. I find the reliance on defaults to be pretty confusing, but if that’s my biggest gripe I think I’ll be pretty happy with it. It’s definitely very easy to get started on a project!


Sinatra might be more your speed then.

For people who have used Ruby and Python, is Ruby on Rails that much better than any comparable Python framework? I’ve heard good and bad things about Django, Flask etc, and I have experimented with Python a lot, so I’m not sure if learning Ruby is better than learning a Python framework.

Django and Rails will get you to the same place.

I would pick which language I enjoyed the most. So maybe run thru Try Python and Try Ruby and see which you like more.

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I picked based on intention/philosophy. It’s not often that you hear a tool is based on user happiness. Other intentions/philosophies I like are in the iA Writer app, and the Flowstate app. I got into those around the same time.

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