Why so many error?

my code works but why am i getting somany errors


/*jslint devel: true */

function switchstatement(val) {
    var answer = "";

    switch (val) {

        case "a":
        case "b":
        case "c":
        case "d":

            answer = "keep";
        case 4:
        case 1:
        case 2:
        case 3:
            answer = 56;
        case 7:
        case 8:
        case 9:
        case 10:
            answer = [23, 55, "dhdh"];


    return answer;

You’ve got weird formatting. There seem to be random line breaks and you’re using 4 spaces when 2 is normal (and is what I assume the ESLint rules here are enforcing). The errors are telling you that things are indented incorrectly according to the current rules. Fix that then see what the errors are.