Why surge instead of git pages?

Hi all

I’m currently trying to decide which to use and I have a burning question over why you would use surge rather than git pages? I get the picture a lot of people use surge but after looking through some vs articles I can’t really see enough of a difference.

It makes sense to me that if you’re using GitHub repositories that it would be simpler and easier to host those projects on git pages.

Am I missing something amazing about surge? What are other people’s preferences and why?

Thanks in advance

I have looked at Surge and it does not offer anything really compelling.
Yes, they have convenient deployment, but it is easy to do this yourself.
And the price they want for their pro option?
That is daylight robbery! :grimacing:

I use Deployer (PHP) which works great also for plain html sites - a single command to deploy (dep deploy) - but there is also Capistrano (Ruby based).

Deploying with github is not very difficult, so I don’t see any real advantage surge may have over gh-pages. I use a one line shell script because I am too stupid to remember git’s syntax:


git subtree push --prefix dist origin gh-pages # assuming 'dist' is your build dir
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While I’d usually use gh-pages, one advantage of surge is that you can easily use gulp to automatically push changes. It’s not as simple to do so with Github.

Other than that, there’s no really good reason to use it.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for the great replies. I’ve found it interesting. I’m going to ask the ultimate in newb questions: hides

Which (if any) would you say is more professional/used more in business? I will probably learn to do both as they both seem simple-ish but just curious.

Here is a comprehensive step by step guide how to work with github pages