Why .unshift (n-1) when decreasing numbers

That seems “bottom” stacked… so did I butcher that too?

Good grief Charlie Brown! :grimacing:

These are both just models in your head and are essentially totally arbitrary. You can conceptualize it as a side to side thing if you prefer, but might have trouble communicating with people. I personally think that if A calls B and B calls C that C is the bottom of the stack (inverted gravitational reality) and if an exception occurs in C you want to bubble that exception “up” to A. I think this may be the more common language usage because the feeling is that C is deep down and A is the top. The first function is more intuitively the top to me and functions get deeper on each call.

hmm maybe not… oh well… guess I should give the forums a break and go read up on it.

Thanks to all for your help and input.

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