Why will it not run?

const games_Played = 3;

 const dol_Score = 180;
 const kol_Score = 120;

  const dol_Avgscore = (dol_Score/  games_Played);
 const kol_Avgscore = (kol_Score /games_Played);
 console.log(dol_Avgscore , kol_Avgscore);

Hi @jennyjoys2!

I am little confused by your question.

When I ran your code, the console displayed 60 40.

I am not sure what the problem is.

What is not running here? Please describe your problem.

I was working in codepen .io and it kept throwing an exception error. I couldn’t figure out why… It looked correct to me.

I keep getting an exception error in the console using codepen.io. I have no idea why.

Can you give us the link of your codepen project/pen?