Why wont my HTML link to my CSS style sheet?

I’m only just starting out with coding, but wanted to experiment as it’s the career path I want to go down. However, I cant seem to get my index.html to cooperate with my CSS style sheet. Here is an example of the code:

I’ve tried putting the source simply (e.g. “/styling.css”> as it’s in the same folder as my HTML and also I’ve put the full link to where the file is stored (e.g. “/users/bleh/blah/mywebsite/styling.css” So confused!!

Can anyone help?

The href is looking for a relative path of where that CSS file lives. If the file is in the same directory try starting the path with ./my-website/styling.css. Also I don’t think you can have a whitespace in your path.

Sadly, no joy… I was wondering about the white space.

Hmm, I’ll keep trying.

A lot of IDEs (like VS code) let you copy and paste the relative paths so you don’t have to write them out. If you still can’t get it that way you could try posting an image of your file structure.