Width of my select tag is not the same as my label tag

after using html and css to style it i found out that my width is not 100% with my label tags. i used different classes but the same values, this my code. You should kindly check the widths of both the tags one is bigger than one but it has same values. Thank you at freecodecamp i will be waiting for your response Godbless!

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The styles for a particular element may be coming from multiple places, changing just one doesn’t necessarily ensure you will get what you want.
Seems like there is padding + border on one of the elements while the other element doesn’t have those. Once you remove them / adjust them you will end up with the label and input of the same size.
Are you familiar with how to use the inspect tools in the browser? Would be good to get familiar with those.
It may also be useful for you to go through this - box-sizing - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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thank you so much @jadczakd

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