[Wiki App] - Ajax get Request - doesn't return me the first praragraph but just the title

Hi guys,

I’m working around on this problem a long time now.
I have setup an ajax get request to the wikipedia api.

It’s working fine as far as the title goes. But I looked at the json I get in return via console.log and see that there is no summary or first paragraph in this response.

So I googled and found a very nice article which points me to that link:

It says that the query also needs this prop=“extracts” and the exintro: true
But if I add this to my query I does not get the exintro in return.

Here is how I set up my ajax call:

function callback(){ // gets called when sliding up the div is completed 
        url: 'http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php',
        //TODO: Fix this line of code (extracts)
        data: { action: 'query', list: 'search', prop: 'extracts', exintro: true, srsearch: $("input[name=search]").val(), format: 'json' },
        dataType: 'jsonp',
        success: processResult

So if it’s successfull it runs the processResultmethod:

function processResult(apiResult){
    for (var i = 0; i < apiResult.query.search.length; i++){
         $('#display-result').append('<div class="' + i + '">' + '<p>'+apiResult.query.search[i].title+'</p>'  + '<p>'+ apiResult.query.search[i].snippet +'</p>' +  '</div>');

But the json it returns looks something like that:

Nothing I’m interested in. I need the summary or exintro how wiki api calls this.

Any ideas? Do I set it up wrong in the ajax call object “data” ? Pleae help!
Edit: The snippetin the json is useless since it cuts off the sentence after a few words

The MediaWiki API is labyrinthine and messy. Here is a link to the query I use to get a good response in JSON.

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