Wiki viewer need feedback please

Hello Everyone,

Please provide me with some feedback on this project.

Thank you in advance!

Link to my project:

Looks neat, but I think it would be better if the auto-complete list is what appears in the search results. As it stands, only the search term I enter appears there.

Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking about doing that but somehow couldn’t make it work with the current call to the api. Perhaps making a second call onclick may be the way… what are your thoughts?

Doesn’t opensearch already do that? You could fetch the data when you submit the form then populate the search results.

It seems it searches by per key stroke using search.term. When I display the data after typing it in, it pulls up unnecessary results. Unless I paste in a single whole word, it will skew the results. I guess i may have to make a 2nd call after i finish picking the word from autocomplete or typing.