Wikipedia is Blocked In My Country

Hi! I am from Turkey and in Turkey unfortunately Wikipedia is blocked. Althought I use zerowiki, for api project, site doesn’t allow me to get data. Do you have any recommendations? I have 2 challenges left and one of them is Wikipedia Challange. :frowning:


Have you tried using VPNs? I know that they can also be blocked, but you probably can find some that work in your country. There are also free ones, and although it is generally not advised to use them extensively - due to limits and security concerns, you could give them a shot just for the sake of completing this challenge.


I’m sorry that you’ve run into this problem. Thanks for letting us know about it. I’m surprised that we’ve never had anyone encounter it before.

If you know of a similar platform that you can access, you could do the project with a different API. That said, I’ve just looked over at the map for the new curriculum and it seems like FCC is getting rid of the Wikipedia project. Maybe you’d like to skip the Wikipedia challenge and do those instead.



One of the reasons we built the freeCodeCamp Guide is because it’s apolitical and unlikely to get blocked in any countries. We’re building a new news platform that will cross-post our Medium and YouTube videos in ways that aren’t blocked either.

A lot of major websites - like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Medium - are blocked in lots of countries. We’re aware of this and working on work-arounds. Thanks for your patience!

As @ArielLeslie pointed out, the Wikipedia search challenge is no longer part of the curriculum. None of the projects there are dependent on external APIs anymore, and this is one major reason for this design decision.


merhaba arkadasım vikipediye ben şöyle giriyorumm wikizero olarak yani yapıstır ve girr

ben de öyle giriyorum ama JSON’ı göndermiyor, bende mi bir hata var bilemiyorum. sen çalıştırabildin mi?

hmmm JSON I bilmiyorum o şekil hiç denemedim

You can try VPN for accessing Wikipedia. I don’t think so Wikipedia should be banned in any country because it is the only source of learning and collecting information on various topics.

Without getting into a big political discussion, what is so bad about Wikipedia that it needs blocking?

I guess any major information source can be viewed as a potential threat to regime in developing countries, if their political leaders can’t influence it directly. An article containing criticism of a government or its member can be enough to pull the trigger sometimes.

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But Wikipedia is designed to not be biased. At least I thought it was. I suspect it is for other reasons. It’s sad that any government wants to control the internet but I can see why it happens. The internet is pretty wild place!
(PS. Personally I would not say that Turkey is a developing country.)

Speaking of the beta website, am I able to do it right now? Is it open? it looks cool and I never have heated much about it.


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Hmm, have you tried any of the Google Chrome “anonymous” browsing extensions?

My guess is one of them should allow you to get through!

Wikipedia doesn’t do any political thinks for sure

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You should try Tor Browser.

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Opera browser has inbuilt vpn, you could try that

Turkey has managed to block a large chunk of Tor Bridges, it’s unknown how long OBFS4 has left before we need a new protocol :confused:

You can use the Wikiwand. You don’t need to change anything on your computer.

I love Turkey, I’m sorry about what’s been happening lately. Hopefully you will be able to download the entire wikipedia here.