Wikipedia Page Feedback

Hi everyone,
I would like some feedback on my project: Thanks!

P.S.: I’m trying to learn a bit of Angularjs, so there’s some of it in there.

Three suggestions:

  1. Why not make the entire result container clickable instead of just the title?

  2. I find it a little odd that on desktop view the search button is on the left of the random button, but as the page width decreases the buttons flip in order (random is on top of search). It would make more sense for random to be below the search button on mobile devices, since the search is the primary feature of the app.

  3. I am not sure how you are expecting the page to load in general, but whenever I load the page or refresh it, the search bar briefly appears near the top before jumping down to the middle of the page. Is this by design? It looks like a glitch. I think it would be better if the search bar would either fade in or just appear in the middle upon page load.

You can fix #3 above by adding display:none; to the #wiki-row css definition and then adding


on the line after

if (!mobile) $("#wiki-row").css("margin-top", pos);

Thanks for your suggestions. I already made the changes