Wikipedia Viewer autocomplete issue

Hi everyone,

I’m studying on Wikipedia Project. So I googled some autocomplete examples and found one of them using jquery UI. But it doesnt work properly for me. When you click the project and search something you will see that. So I need help about that issue.

wikipedia viewer

The browser console says my browser is blocking the access because Codepen uses HTTPS and the search is HTTP. I added the ‘s’ in your pen and it worked. But you also have to make sure Bootstrap is added after jQuery.

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It’s still same. When i search autocomplete results appear somewhere not should be. It should appear bottom of input field but it doesnt. Pls find that situation at this photo.


Neverr used jquery UI. So i should add jquery UI library to css also. Do it guys. <3


Glad you managed to work that out! Looks much better now.

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