Wikipedia viewer error

Hi everyone, I am creating the “wikipedia viewer”
Unfortunately, I cannot get any data from wikipedia. I used jQuery and Ajax,

I believe what I wrote is quite correct but eveidently I am wrong, anyone that can give me some tip/explanation ?

Much appreciated, already spent a lot of time on that and cannot figure out

Browser consoles are the best way to check for errors.
1)dataType: json, you are supposed to have quotes around json like this "json"
2)In your url it should be https instead of http
3)Change action=parse to action=opensearch because we want to search the wikipedia using open search protocol.
And finally term to search in the url.
Change these and you are good to go .check your codepen console it will have the necesary data .

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Thanks a lot for the thorough explanation!
Now it is much clearer!

Appreciate it