Wondering if i i should be concerrned

so im taking the new js cert and im on the audio project. i am learning and understaneding some concepts like i was able to make a buttons which each one changes the color of the background to the color the button is assigned and used buttons to change an image. but even tough im going threw the them looking at it it looks overwhelming and to understand with all the .notation, ?. or assigning and html id with ${}. they teach alot and i understand sorta. Im just wondering if me not undersatnding it or me not remembering should concern my development in my self taught journy

You won’t understand everything, you also won’t remember everything. Some concepts you’ll get when you’re working on some code, others you’ll grasp as immediately as you get introduced to them. Google what you do not remember. Above all, building projects, projects are the best teacher.


You don’t need to have a perfect understanding in order to keep learning, but when you feel like you’re really not getting something, why not do some Googling for more information? Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed because it’s a complex topic and freeCodeCamp is trying to build it up piece by piece. Other times, though, you might find that an explanation written by someone else just makes more sense to you and you’ll feel a little more comfortable about continuing.


Just wanted to post in agreement with the other replies; it’s okay to not understand all the symbols and syntax for a while. Sites like StackOverflow and FreeCodeCamp exist because lots of people face challenges when getting started, just like you’ve mentioned.

The symbols and common conventions that you’re learning about now will be useful for years to come, keep going for it and I promise it’ll get easier :grinning:

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