Wordpress/Theme X Pro/Lightbox/Event based scrolling

Hello there everybody,

I would have two questions regarding web development, in the hope that I will be able somehow, somewhen, do it on my own :wink:

The first question would be: I’m making a grid based gallery with Lightbox, now, I would like some text to appear and disappear slowly in Lightbox at the sides of the image (where the normal darkened Lightbox background is) , so that it’s visible, but it would never go over the image itself, sort of what you can do with some Sliders plug-ins, just in Lightbox.

The 2nd questions would be: I’m made a kind of little animated story that theoretically should unveil vertically; so my idea was to have different sliders for different sections/levels of the page and I made that work out, what still doesn’t work out, is that the user cannot see the different sliders, if, he/she, manually, doesn’t scroll the page around. So what I would like to implement is that when one part of the story is over (that’s it, a slider), without the user doing anything, the page will automatically scroll down to the right position.

So, considering my aforementioned development context, how could I solve these issues at best? I have no idea whether there is already available a Wordpress plug-in that would allow me to have such a features, that’s why I decided to post it here, in the JS thread. In any case, anything you know that could point me towards a good direction, would definitely be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance you guys! :slight_smile: