Working with Jinja in VS Code

Hi, folks. I’ve been working on a couple of Flask projects, and I’m finding that working with Jinja in VS Code is kind of a pain. I have format on save enabled, and formatting goes right down the toilet every time. I downloaded the Better Jinja extension, and manually changing the language mode to Jinja HTML stops the format destruction, but also takes away emmet and autocomplete for HTML. And of course, the moment I close a file in the editor and open it back up again, it changes the language mode back to HTML, and a careless save before noticing wreaks havoc again. Any good tips from anyone out there who writes a lot of Jinja in VS Code?

if you think you can handle an editor that might make you contemplate suicide you should try Vim and use plugins to do the same kinda thing that vscode does.

the learning curve is hella steep though and it takes time and patience, but if you get the hang of it its awesome. vscode is waaaay easier to use but it uses lots of resources. To be honest I prefer vscode but i still have vim setup for fast and light editing

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I suggest typing the HTML and Jinja without emmet. Emmet is great but does not save that much time. I am thinking that we are all touch typers here so typing out the HTML should not take that much time. Another option is to try another editor like Atom or Vim.
Atom will work with emmet and Jinja.