World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database - stuck because DB "does not exist" - thanks so much for your help

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Hi there,

like others before me, I am stuck with the worldcup project because the worldcup database supposedly does not exist:

This issue only appears once I added executable permissions to the and file.

Here is what I tried:

  • Played around with permissions for the scripts , trying almost all combinations between 500 and 777. As soon as the script have 500 as a minimum, the db does not exist according to the tests.
  • I was connected to the worldcup database when running the tests.
  • I did a soft reset
  • I did a hard reset
  • I dropped the database and recreated it from the dumpfile
  • I deleted the entire project and started from scratch, the issue persists
  • I scanned my and for any errors, could spot none, but would be supergrateful if someone with a fresh eye could have a look. This is driving me crazy :smiling_face_with_tear:

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solution: Mod edit: deleted pre user request.

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Challenge: World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database

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After some fiddling around, it looks like the issue is at the very end of the - script, which, weirdly enough, inserts all the data correctly without throwing errors.

echo $($PSQL "INSERT INTO games(year, round, winner_id, opponent_id, winner_goals, opponent_goals) VALUES($YEAR,'$ROUND',$WINNER_ID,$OPPONENT_ID,$WINNER_GOALS,$OPPONENT_GOALS)")

Whenever I comment it out, the database does not exist - error disappears.
However, the line itselfs does not throw any errors and inserts the data as desired. Any ideas where I could look? Thanks a lot?

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Well, now it works, with the very same line that seemed to trigger the error.

I got the same error a few days ago then hit then run button a few more times and it started working.

I don’t have any error and I can’t the test either.
It worked one time after I’ve reseted the task, but after it no more.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Check out my post here: Relational Database Courses - Persistent Issues
I managed the same issue eventually and complete the project.

I did follow your suggestion, but it doesn’t pass the test

I don’t understand how the passed and the did not.
I really very tired with this task.

Can you share the full code of your file please?
Make sure you spoiler it though so you’re not giving hints to anyone who hasn’t yet completed it.

I switched to Firefox and did the course there. After, I’ve returned to curriculum main main page and put the repo URL, but it is saying that I’ve not completed yet. :rofl:

Now, I can not star the course again. It brings me to CodeAlly’s DASHBOARD.