World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database

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hello, I finished the world cup project but when I copy my solution link it tells me “You must complete the project first” what should I do please?.

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solution: GitHub - Otlevac/freeCodeCamp-Worldcup-database

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Challenge: World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database

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Usually following these steps can resolve this issue:

  1. Load up the course again and you should see the Tutorial Complete message.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Return to the page where you submit your repo link and refresh the page with CTRL+F5.
  4. Submit your repo link.

If this doesn’t work, try starting up a different Relational Databases course (ideally one you haven’t yet started). Once it’s loaded, exit and return to FCC and repeat the steps above.

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It works, Thanks a lot!!

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