World's smallest responsive CSS framework (393 bytes) - lit css

I recently found a very small framework that is around 400 bytes (minified and gzipped). Check it out at

Pros: I like it because this can hide the ugliness of basic HTML and it is very lightweight (398 bytes only) and is simple to use :slight_smile:

Since this is a review, what did you like (tell us about the amazing parts) and what you did not like (the cons) about the framework? Otherwise, it looks like you are plugging a library.


Personally I liked how lit it is. :rofl:
hue hue hue


I updated the description accordingly…

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what’s interesting about it it’s you can easily look how the grid system is made in it:

@media(min-width:35em) {
    .col {
        display: table-cell;
    .\31 {
        width: 5%;
    .\33 {
        width: 22%;
    .\34 {
        width: 30%;
    .\35 {
        width: 40%;
    .\32 {
        width: 15%;
    .row {
        display: table;
        border-spacing: 1em 0;

it looks very basic and doesn’t always do what you want it to do like it doesn’t make images fully responsive and furthermore the size of column might be stretched by the html in it so your site can lose its responsiveness whatsoever

y’all need to try CSS Grid. take wesbos’ course: its even smalller cos its already part of the browser :slight_smile:


It is 395 bytes only !!

I looked it over - it’s impressive and serves its purpose

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My bad 393 bytes only…

What’s ugly about basic HTML?

Basic HTML does not allow several features that CSS framework allows

Has anyone used this?