Would anyone like to try our code review platform?

Hey everyone!

Me and another freeCodeCamp student have built an app. It’s not done yet, but we would like to have some people start using it to give us feedback, find bugs and suggest new features they would like.
We also would like to find some contributors.
We built this as part of a learning program run by a local community group. That same program is starting a new cohort of students this week and we would like them to start using the app in their learning.


Our vision: we want to build a place where coders of all levels could post their code and get constructive feedback. We want the atmosphere to be beginner-friendly (we will probably introduce badges / rewards to ‘reward’ supportive behaviour). We also want to include learning resources where people can learn about how to write better code and how to give constructive code reviews.

We are still a long way from a ‘finished’ product.

Some known bugs / problems:

  • in a few cases, refreshing the page will not work (routing / authentication problem!)
  • you cannot yet edit or delete a post or comment (I am currently working on that - UPDATE: delete now working - but does not ask you if you are sure first… so use carefully :slight_smile: )
  • looking at your profile right after logging in doesn’t work.
  • writing inline comments is not super user friendly
    • step 1: select the lines of code you want to comment on
    • step 2: click on ‘add inline comment’ (on top of the code editor)
    • step 3: write your comment
    • step 4: click on ‘save comment’ (again, on top of the code editor)
  • importing a whole repository from GitHub only works for very small repos. If your repo is too big, it will not give you an error message, but some files will be missing
  • design is not yet responsive.
  • if your login times out (for example if you leave your browser open overnight), the app does not display you as logged out. You might then try to comment / post and it will fail.

and more… (see our repo’s ‘issues’ page if you are curious!)
Also, there is still a chance I might wipe the database clean at some point.

And our repo is here:

If you see bugs / missing features, etc. either create an issue or contact me here. (or PM me to get my email)
If anyone would like to contribute, let me know! I don’t have any experience running an open-source project, but I could certainly use some help with all that code!
The app is built with React in the front-end (also: material-ui, code-mirror…) No redux, but maybe eventually we will migrate to that.
Backend is built with Node / Express / MongoDB (with mongoose)
User authentication is handled by Auth0