Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions #issue

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// Example
function ourReusableFunction() {
  console.log("Heyya, World");


// Only change code below this line
function reusableFunction() {
    console.log("Hi World");


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can someone please help me on this challenge since i am stuck and i don’t know what the issue is. i feel like ive done the correct thing because i even googled the answer but if i am wrong can someone please correct the mistake i have made.

thank you

Try this code:

 console.log(console.log("Hi "+"World"));
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thank you it worked, first time doing all of this javascript stuff btw.:joy::sweat_smile:
that was annoying me alot

sometimes you have to find a work around even if you know that your code is correct

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hmmm i see thanks for the advice

any time, thank you too

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Do a search on the forum for this challenge and you will see this has already been reported as an issue on Github.

Instead of creating a hack to pass the challenge, simply skip this challenge and come back later when it is fixed.

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