Writing games in Python

Hey everyone. Just a general noobish question. I’ve been teaching myself code through various sources. Up until now mostly HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
I decided to take a break from all the hardcore stuff and decided to learn how to make games in python in my spare time.
The only experience I have is a paddle ball game I made from a tutorial using the tkinter module.
So basically my question is what are the best tools/modules to code games in python. By tools I mean any program I might need to edit graphics or sound as well as the coding aspect.
Also is pygame the best module to be using? Does anyone know of a better one.?
I’m mostly interested in making 3d RPG or action like games in the long run. But i’m willing to start off in 2d if I have to
I’ve heard about blender, panda3d and Alice for 3d graphics
Does anyone know which of these would be the best for a beginner?
Also I actually have no idea how to even start coding an actual RPG.
Maybe a skeleton. But how would I go about setting up the lvl up system. Or the stats.?

Any info at all would be helpful even if its not RPG related. A PDF or other tutorial I could work on offline would be ideal. I’ve already read the invent with python series and coded some of the example games. But much wouldn’t apply in an rpg besides the basic animation stuff.
Anyhow. Sorry if I rambled…
Any info would be helpful. A source with examples where i can check my code as i go along the lessons would be even better
Thanks all

You think that HTML, CSS, and javascript is ‘the hardcore stuff’ and are going to build a 3D RPG as a break? Making games is no joke man!

If I were you I’d see if Pygame meets your requirements as it seems to be the most prevalent game library in python. And unless you are really committed to python, don’t rule out other platforms like LibGDX, Unity, whatever.

You should definitely try the pygame module, it works well for python 3. Just visit the website www.pygame.org
I also tried to create some small games on pygame and it worked pretty well. The documentation is nice and there are a lot of repos in github with examples.
This is a nice e book dedicated to creating games with the pygame module https://inventwithpython.com/pygame/chapters/ with examples and step by step explanations.

If you want write games and already know JS than go for Unity5 if you want to learn Python than teach yourself some machine learning. Unity has much bigger commnuity and resources then Pygame, I love Python but I wouldn’t use it to write games. If you want more detailed opinions and comparisons go check reddit gamedev or unity2d sections