Wrong text: step 62 (nutrition label)

step 62:
Create another p element, give it the text Calcium 260mg 20% . Align 20% to the right.

code doesn’t pass because
" Your first new p element should have the text Calcium 260mg 20% ."

My code so far:
<p>Calcium 260mg <span class="right"> 20%</span> </p>

Everything looks good in the preview and this step is a repeat of previous steps that passed easily … it just won’t pass. what am I doing wrong?
I’ve tried adjusting the spacing, copy-pasting the text then aligning…

I tried your code and it passed for me. I think we will need to see more of your code than just that one line. Maybe just copy/paste the entire HTML in here.

Thanks for the response. I was about to paste the full code when I realised I had gone ahead and added code for step 63 as well. I removed it and it ran.
Thanks again.

Hola como estas. No me sale el paso 63, pudiste pasar ese paso ? No me sale sale el tema de poner el no-divider. No lo entiendo que estoy haciendo mal.

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